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Crewed Yacht Charters in Greece


Motor Yachts

If you love luxury, speed and you are searching for the best sailing holiday in Greece the luxurious motor yachts is what you are searching for. Luxurious crewed motor yachts that can be rented on a dayily or weekly basis for visiting the beautiful Greek islands. Hire a Motor Yacht and discover the ancient cristal waters and beautiful beaches of Greece. Be an Olympic God. You deserve this yachting holiday!

Motor Sailers

crewed yacht chartersIf you are a friend group, company group or just a family group don't miss theopportunity of exploring our Crewed Motor Sailers catalogue with the best Crewed Yachts of this category. Sailing Greece with a crewed Yacht is something unique. Rent a crewed yacht from 50-160 ft with 3 - 15 crew and set sail for the ancient greek waters in the most luxurious and safest way. Sailing cruises of this kind is the easiest and prettiest way to discover the Greek islands.


crewed yacht charters

Sailing Yachts - Catamarans

These are sailing yachts and catamarans with a full permanent crew. They are classed as Luxury Yachts because they have superior interior and exterior appointments and they are very spacious as compared to even 60 ft. bareboats. It is a perfect solution for sailing holiday in Greece if you are not an experienced skipper.



Meandros Yacht Charter