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Reliability, Knowledge, Experience, Responsiveness, Service. These are the qualities that are essential to a successful charter. These are the qualities you are assured of with Meandros.

Reliability: Meandros recommends only those yachts, large or small, which are personally known to be of superior quality and in excellent condition. The company deals exclusively with yacht owners and crews who have established reputations for dependability.

Knowledge: Meandros personnel have sailed the waters of the Mediterranean for many years, visiting ports and marinas from Gibraltar to Cyprus. They know every aspect of boating firsthand, since in the past 25 years they had been involved in all possible activities from brokerage to building boats.

Experience: Meandros, having arranged hundreds upon hundreds of charters, is well acquainted with the ways to avoid wasted time and money and is prepared to arrange the most desirable charter for you.

Responsiveness: Meandros is ready for any unexpected changes in plans, and special requests are acknowledged and responded to immediately. The charterer's needs are foremost.

Service: Meandros prides itself on its dedication to providing the best service to its clients. The entire staff is trained to manage all chartering details smoothly and to ensure the client's complete satisfaction.

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